gingerharbinger Thanks for the help :) Surprisingly, when doing Drama I can be a super uber confident person compared to my usual self. but it’s the singing part of the audition I’m worried about…ehhhhh it’s probably just my nerves…

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and the auditions are on Wed and you have to sing and the idea of singing in front of others will leave me with a panic attack. I’ll ask my teacher if I can do it 1-to-1

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Also, I’m (possibly) gonna audition for my schools production of ‘Oliver’

There’s 2 roles I wanna go for:

1) Nancy because holy shit that girl is hard as hell and I’ve loved her since I first watched Oliver :3

2) Artful Dodger because he’s an amazing character who just fits amazingly with my personality and he’s the exact person who I could see my self playing but, I’m like a 6 foot tall, Year 11 girl, so I highly doubt that I’ll get the part

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» now accepting anon hate


but only in the form of haikus

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What if jizz tasted like McDonalds banana milkshake??

What about vanilla…I like vanilla…Wait what? :P

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I also worry about STUPID things. Like I was in the hairdressers on Thursday and the lady says:

"Would you like a drink"

I reply with “No thank you”

And I’m sitting here, 3 days later, worrying if she thought I was rude…

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Also, something I’ve never told anyone!

Most girls my age think they’re fat?

I think I’m too skinny. Like, I get bullied for being skinny. One time, a teacher called me out in front of my whole class and said I was too underweight.

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So a friend of mine comes up to me the other day and says

"You’ve changed"

Oh yeah, thanks for that! That’s a perfect thing to say to a depressed, socially anxious, stressed teenager.


You bell-end

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In other news, don’t put watercolour paint on your face. It dries very. quickly and sorta stings?

Also it’s a pain to remove…

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Mission completed: Become 6 foot

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'Fluxed Up'

Woooooo! Finished! :D

I’m REALLY happy with these and I hope you guys like them too!

[It’s taken me ages to get this off my face. My face still has a hint of purple on 1 half…]

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I think the anon meant to say that YOU'RE really cool... Or am i biased?:p

You’re biased :P nah but seriously this paint is drying on my face and it hurts slightly and my eyes are watering at the smell of paint

The lengths I go for art…

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this paint is drying on my face and i can’t move my face or the paint will start cracking

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That flux is really cool.

Thank you :) I’m continuing to take pictures, gradually allowing the flux to spread over my face :)

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