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  • jouleys:

    Diggy Diggy hole is #20 on the UK charts? Not even the iTunes charts, the actual BBC UK charts!? 


    It’s at #16 now…

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  • blackrain707:

    two small, CEOs with odd industry focuses fight over a lanky and intelligent spaceman and end up punching him

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  • froggosh:

    we’re looking for the moment when on the christmas streams lewis & gang watch sad for good and lewis says “i dont know why im enjoying it so much” where it that moment

    It was on the 1st Dec stream (  at around 02:17:00 :)

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  • soyrwoo:

    the seagulls are actually fans who kept pestering the yogs about soi so lewis turned them into seagulls

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  • "Thanks for the adventure - now go have a new one!"

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  • blackrain707:


    A compilation of Ross screaming hilariously and a few extra little snippets from Hat Corp #13

    motherfucking ross hornby


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  • froggosh:

    sjips is so fucking dead they said that they had lots of co-op things planned for 2014 but HERE WE ARE WITH THIS DECEASED CORPSE

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  • froggosh:

    remember fandom classics, such as “IM GONNA STICK MY DICK IN THE SUN” and “TORCH SHAGGING FUCK”

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  • “If I was your lover”… Finish it in my ask.

    Watch me get none whatsoever


    I’m looking forward to not receiving any messages.

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  • If you are interested in participating in a yognau(gh)t project



    Then please message me your name and skype (if you have one)

    I need at least 15 yougnau(gh)ts and if we can pull this off, it will be AMAZING (hopefully)

    Please reblog to spread the word and thanks <3

    An update: I have 26 people who would definitely like to take part, but the more the better!

    So plz reblawg 4 da yognau(gh)ts

    I’m so sorry I’m outta teabags and that makes me sad

    Come on guys! 99% of my followers are Yognaughts! SPREAD DA LOVE!

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  • stiff-for-smith:


    Right, let me tell you guys a thing that happened on YouTube a few days ago.

    There was a comment thread underneath, speaking of a certain YouTubers sexuality. The general comment section consisted of this:

    image I decided that this behaviour was wrong, and so, commented on the thread about it,…

    Good on you for saying something!

    Thanks, but I feel like i SHOULDN’T HAVE to said something and that people would be more considerate…

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